What Differentiates Pakistani Food From North Indian Food?

The Pakistani food dishes and north Indian food dishes are similar to each other, but still, both have some differences. Which I am going to answer. Before reading the whole answer let me tell you all one thing. That food from different nations are best in their test so must try all food dishes at least one at a time.

Chole Bhature (North Indian) vs Halwa Puri (Pakistani):

In north Indian people eat Chole Bhature. While in Pakistan people eat Puri with Halwa which is called Halwa Puri.

Rogan Josh (North Indian) vs Karahi Gosht (Pakistani):

Rogan josh is beef best salan in north India while in Pakistan the best beef salan is karahi gosht.

Malai ki kheer (North Indian) vs Rabri (Pakistani):

Malai ki is a mouth-watering dish from Indian’s which you all should try and its similar to the best dish in Pakistan rabri.

These are the dishes which are similar but have some differences in north Indian and Pakistani food. If you are in Pakistan then must try these amazing food deals by savior which are best and providing a free discount.